Lets get ready!

Benefit Concert? I hope so!
I have gotten together with a friend of mine and we hope to have a benefit concert in June of 2010!
It may seem like a while away, but it is closer than you think!

The benefit:
I am currently looking for someone to help out. I want to raise money and pay for their Chemotherapy.
I do not know who yet, but someone who really does need help, and can not pay for it themselves.
All money left over, will be sent out to orphan homes.

The Concert:
As I mentioned, this will all happen at the beginning of June. So be in town!
It will be held at a park here in the Provo-Orem area.
As soon as we have a set date, time, and place that will be posted all over this site.
For the concert we will have Music artists (some from town, and a few more well known artists),
food booths (such as The Sweet Tooth Fairy Shop),
and a few people to say a few words about how they survived Cancer,
and a couple people who were orphans, and now living a dream.
If you know of anyone who we could help pay for their Chemotherapy,
Or who owns a food place,
Or who is a cancer survivor,
Or who was once orphaned,
Or who is in a band/sings and would like to perform,
Then (the common words)
Contact me!

Secret Project?

A lot of people have been asking me if I am working on anything special.
My reply is usually the same, "always, I always have a project."
On January 1, 2010 I started a new one. This is a year long, every day project.
Along with my friend Steve we hope to succeed in finishing this project, and publishing our work.
For those who have been so curious toward me this involves photography (of course), quotes, poems, words, and you.
Along with each HUGE project comes many other projects.
If you want to be part of a publishing send me a message and I will make sure you get involved.
There is always a way for you to be a part of every project I do.
Don't be afraid to ask!