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Friday April 16, 2010.

you're website is amazing...it's so inspirational.I used to be like you...i wore mini skirts, and sometimes even shorts that you could see my rear end...It was a bad decision, and a bad time in my life. Sure, I had a lot of reallyyyy hot boy friends...but I didn't want them to just love me for what i had...like my big chest or butt.
I've really changed...I owe it all to you. Now to the important stuff. Although i don't wear mini skirts or low tops, i do wear skinny jeans. I actually like them a lot. But in one of your posts you told us that you could even get an infection. I've been wearing them for the past 3 years (about) and I really don't want to get an infection, By the way, ever since i saw that. Which was a fair mount ago, i have worn nothing but sweat pants, because i don't own any other type of jeans.
And your right. I'm never spending so much money on clothes again. In the past, I've had clothing that was even around $100...I threw  them all out, because of what you said to your viewers...my mom and dad didn't understand my decision, and they were quite mad when I threw away thousands of dollars worth of clothes...they were all designer clothing, but it doesn't matter anymore to me. My parents grounded me for a while, because I didn't ask permission before i threw them out, but it was all worth it in the end. I've lost some friends because of what i wear now (mostly sweatpants and baggy shirts), but I've made a couple more friends...a couple. It was a real risk for me to choose this path in life, but I feel it was the right thing to do, and at the right time.  Anyways, just to sum things up, I really enjoy reading all of your po!
sts, and looking at your beautiful photography. You're such a great photographer...my Uncle Jared is a professional photographer (he majored in photography and got a masters degree) but he still isn't as good as your photos. Thank you so much for everything. My life has changed and my future is very bright. Thanks again! Please reply back to me, or put this comment on your website...it would mean the world to me...it would really brighten my day. Keep being yourself, and always believe what you believe! 
Modest really IS hottest! 

Thursday September 3, 2009

It's Football Season!!! So of course I'm going to go to as many games as possible.
Including my friends who play on the Sophomore High School Team.
They have a game every Thursday. I worked everything out so that I could go.
I was able to attend the end of the JV game, and the first half of the Sophomore Game.
They did pretty well! As I walked around the school to sit where I told my Father I would meet him, I noticed a lot of trash along my way.
I must admit, my first thought was,
"wow there are some pretty messy kids here... They should pick up their trash, they know better than to leave it."
So I kept walking. I only got about 3 feet before I found myself turning around and picking up soda cans, candy wrappers, and wrappers for string cheese and other snacking foods.
My hands where filled with sticky and stinky trash as I walked around half the school to find an outdoor trash can.
No one saw what I did, and no one asked me to do it. But when I was done, I felt so good!
-Leah Anne.

Mine and Yours.

Thursday August 28, 2009.
The weather was perfect for an outdoors picnic lunch.
I walked outside to a nice half shaded patch of fresh green grass with about 30 friends.
Everyone either had no lunch or cafeteria food.
We told stories and laughed until our stomachs pinched.
Friends gradually kept coming throughout the first ten minutes of lunch.
One friend came walking up to us, with their head held high, and a sack lunch in their hands.
Everyone seemed to stop talking, and just stare.
Right after the talking stopped, it seemed to be back up again.
But not with fun nice humor. Instead, they made fun of this friend of mine, of ours.
This friends head dropped, no longer did security, and happiness hang inside him.
Now tears were trying to escape.
"Hey! Just shows his mother loves him," raced out of my mouth.
Everyone was silent, once again.
I was so happy when one of my close 'girl friends' stuttered to get something out.
Proceeding to say, "I love my mother because..."
As she named off reasons for why she loved her mother, others jumped in.
Everyone in the group went around saying why they loved their mother.
After my last class period of the day the boy that was earlier teased came running up to me. Yelling, "Leah! Leah!! Thank you. Thank you so much. I... I... Thank you."

The next day...
Once again, I went to eat with friends, I had told my mother the story of my lunch the day before, so sure enough Friday morning she prepared a sack lunch for me.
As I was released from class I slowly walked over to my friends, worried of what might happen today.
To my surprise all 30+ of us showed up with sack lunches.
Everyone laughed the entire lunch!
Lunch Friday, August 29, 2009 has been my favorite lunch ever
-Leah Anne

Monday August 31, 2009.
I walked out of my Photography class happy as could be.
As I turned the corner I noticed a girl sitting on the stairs, crying.
I immediately reached into my bag for a piece of gum.
Not knowing who the girl was I walked up, and sat down right beside her.
Asking "Are you alright? Can I do anything for you?"
She shook her head. I felt bad. But told her my name and offered her a piece of gum.
I gave her a hug and told her everything would be okay.
And that if she needed to talk, she could come to me at anytime.
And I gave her some ways to contact me.
Yesterday, September 2, 2009 I got an email from her saying:
Dear Leah,
Thank you so much for being so nice to me. I've never felt as good in my life than I did after you gave me a hug. Thank you thank you! How can I ever repay you?!! God bless you!!!"
Doing that for her made my day. I'm glad I could help!
-Leah Anne.

Thursday September 3, 2009
guess what Leah!
so yesterday, after school i was in the commons. then i looked over and saw this kid sitting on a bench all alone. then i thought of you and that story about the girl crying on the stairs. i then decided to be like you, and i went over and talked to him. he's totally new and doesn't know anybody at School. but now we're friends and we text all the time. you're such an inspiration Leah. i love you so much!

Sunday September 6, 2009

Leah you know that picture I sent to you in a text? Well I sent it to a whole bunch of people. Because you inspired me to. You are such an inspiration! Thank you Leah Anne!


Wednesday September 9, 2009

Hey Leah!
I remembered your story about picking up the trash. I missed my bus so I walked home today through a park. I saw a piece of trash, and don't take it wrong, but I thought of you. I started to pick up every piece I saw. I put the trash into trash cans as I went through the park and my neighborhood. Your right it does make you feel good! Thank you for inspiring me!


Monday September 14, 2009

Dear Leah Anne,
I told my friends all about you and your website. We decided to do something nice for someone to show that your actually making a difference. There is a kid that doesn't really have friends. We figured out when their birthday was and threw them a huge surprise birthday party!!!! It felt so good. At the party before we cut the cake we told them that we where having this party thanks to you. You inspired us to look past ourselves and help others. It feels great!!! Thank you!!!!!
- Dallas


Tuesday September 15, 2009

Leah Anne,
I owe you so many thank yous!!!! I swear it was my whole school that was in on the surprise birthday party for me!!! thank you so much for inspiring them to do that!!! Now I'm not so shy and I have so many friends!!! You are a hero in my eyes!!! I will never be able to forget you and what you are doing to change the world!!!! thank you!!!! I will pass it on!!

Tuesday September 22, 2009

Usually Mondays are odd days for people. As for me, this week it was a Tuesday.
I rushed out the door as if I were a Zebra running from a Lion.
Class seemed to just fly by, so I thought things could get better.
First Science, then History, everything was going great!
Then came Spanish class. The class started with a text from My Father.
Asking me if I would be willing to walk to the dentist with my Older Sister, because my youngest sister was sick.
I replied with a "Why yes, of course daddy." I have harsh feelings toward the dentist office.
Lunch came and I thought it would be awful!
I walked outside by myself, hoping to relax.
I had missed so much homework, and had a lot happening with my friends.
I saw a girl sitting alone, she seemed to be having a hard time.
I walked across the long filled up parking lot to greet her with a hello, and my name.
She was very kind and responded so sweetly.
No more than 5 minutes passed by, before she completely opened up to me.
She began crying, I reached out my hand for her to grab.
20 minutes passed before I could do my part in helping her feel better,
By the time I left her she was laughing and had a gorgeous smile on her face.
All my problems seemed to go away as I helped her make it through the day.
God bless her for hanging in there.

Thursday September 24, 2009

Every Thursday I walk from my High School to the top of the street by my younger sisters Junior High.
We then proceed to walk 2 miles home, stopping at a small store to get a "Large Freeze" (Ice cream and soda mixed together).
As I walked the half a mile to meet with my sister I saw an Elderly lady attempting to weed around her sidewalk.
I looked both ways and ran across the street with my bag hitting against my back every other step I took.
I walked up this Lady's curvy side walk and greeted her by saying "Now what's a pretty thing like you do something like this for?" She blushed and giggled replying with "Oh Hunny! I haven't heard anything that sweet since my husband used to sweet talk me!"
I laughed and told her to just go relax while I weeded around her sidewalk and driveway. I finished fast so that I could still meet with my sister.
She offered me something delicious for doing an act of service for her, I told her she already payed me with her allowing me to do it for her. What a doll.

Thursday September 24, 2009

Leah, after 4th period I saw a boy getting pushed around. I didn't know who he was. But I thought about you and the girl on the stairs, so I went up to him and talked with him. I also gave him a piece of gum. I don't remember his name. But I was really glad I helped him out!

Saturday September 26, 2009

I was reading through your 'bucket list' and I was so inspired! So I went and volunteered at a red cross clinic!! I asked them if they would let me get a group together to accept donations for the Red Cross. We worked things out and got ~$1,200 in donations. We made sure to mention you because you inspired me as well as everyone that decided to join the volunteer group. Your website has been passed around! You are "paying it forward" thank you for being such a young but HUGE example, even to those older than you!

Thursday October 1, 2009
Leah Anne,
We had a science test today. Chemistry is so hard for me!!!! I didn't study because I thought I'd fail either way. When I got to class my friend handed me a cheat sheet and told me to make sure the teacher didn't see. I was already on my way to failing the class so I couldn't fail this test or I'd be dead meat!! I took the sheet and used it during my test. I turned it in and got 115% on my test (there were bonus points). I felt awful though. I thought I'd be happy. I remembered a conversation you and I had through email about just saying no. I went back to my teacher and asked if I could take another form of the test, because I cheated. I studied real hard for 10 minutes and then took it. I only got 82% but I felt so great! Thank you so much for helping me make the right decision.


Monday October 5, 2009

Oh the joys of school days, and school friends.
I had a rough weekend with friends, so I decided Monday morning that I'd fly solo at lunch.
I went outside and sat down.
The sun was out, shining through the trees.
I sat in the shade on the chilling gray pavement.
And looked around at my surroundings.
Groups of girls, groups of boys, friends running around, and cars coming and going.
A typical lunch day.
As my eyes wandered, I noticed a girl.
She sat about 20 feet away from the road on a strip of grass.
Her tray of lunch food sat in front of her, and her bag still strapped on her back.
She wore a red hooded jacket and kept whipping her eyes with the long sleeves.
Before I realized what I was doing I was up on my feet walking over to her.
I stood a good 3 feet away from her and asked if I could sit with her.
She sniffled and looked up at and saying "Yes. Yes. Please. Sit. Please."
I introduced myself and asked her how she was.
Right off the bat she told me how awful she felt, and how down she was.
She cried and cried for about 8 minutes.
After a very long conversation between the two of us,
I handed her a piece of gum, and a way to contact me, and told her everything would be alright.
A few minutes before lunch ended I helped her fix her make up and hair, and helped her out with some Math homework.
Now every time I see her we give each other a hug, and she whispers:
"I would not be here if it were not for you. Thank you."
-Leah Anne

Mine and Yours:
Friday October 9, 2009

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a pack of cigarettes into a bottle filled with an energy drink?
DON'T TRY IT! I'll just tell you about it.
I went to a football game supporting some friends.
As I was walking away with two guy friends, and one of their girlfriends, they asked me if I'd like a cigarette while I waited for my ride.
I looked at them in astonishment and offended.
They knew me, they knew I didn't do that stuff.
I said no. But still reached out for the package.
Puzzled, they handed it to me. They went on talking as I grabbed the energy drink from one of them and started cramming cigarettes into the bottle.
I shook it up while they asked furiously what I thought I was doing.
I said, "Just watch. It's cool."
The cigarettes were shriveling up inside the bottle, it looked nasty.
I shook and shook and finally released the lid.
Out squirted parts of cigarettes flowing with the energy drink.
It looked pretty awesome.
The boys were not too happy with it though.
They said it was "such a waste of money."
I told them that energy drinks are so bad for your heath, as well as smokes.
They were not happy with me at all.
We went back to sit on the bleachers and wait for my ride to come.
When I sat down this random boy came and sat next to me and started telling me how "sexy" my body was, and kept making inappropriate comments about my figure.
One of the guy friends I had upset just a few minutes earlier got up and said to this random guy "No! You do not talk to a girl like that! Especially Leah!"
After the kid walked away.
I turned to my friend and thanked him before I left.
He said "No. Thank you. I'll never be able to drink another energy drink, or light and smoke another cigarette again."
-Leah Anne, Justin, and Kaden.

Sunday November 1, 2009

Leah, I had your website up so that I would remember to show my husband. My two children ran by and saw the pictures of the little kids you had taken. They insisted that they had their pictures taken by you. Thank you so much for doing that for us. They made me this card as soon as we got home after their photo session. Thank you so so very much for doing that for them, and me. They made the card thanking me for doing something they wanted and liked. After they made mine we all made cards and cookies for our neighbors. You are such a good inspiration! Keep it up.



Monday January 4, 2010

One day I woke up and went to the family room to watch t.v.  I didn't have to watch my little nieces and nephews till 2 in the afternoon that day. since time was getting close, I figured that I should go and get ready for the day.

As I got out of the shower, my sister Jana called and asked me if I could leave my house a little early and stop and pick up some flowers for her and my other sister Wendy. I was running a little late and told Jana that I wouldn't make it there on time. Jana said that it was fine and that Wendy could just go get them. I hung up from here and continued to get ready.

About 10 minutes later as I was walking out the door, Jana called me and spoke in a "alpha male giving orders tone" asking me if I could go and get her daughter, Hunter, from Seven Peaks because she needed to come home. I replied wondering why she needed to come home because she was planning to stay there with friends and sleep over with them that night. With no emotion at all in her voice, she said that her 4 year old son Cooper, was dead.

That really caught me off guard and I didn't think I heard her right... I just stopped in my tracks and said WHAT?!?!?!
She then said that Wendy ran over him as she was leaving to go get flowers.  Really confused now... I replied with "are you serious!!" she then just told me to go get Hunter and bring her home and hung up.

I then bolted to my car and raced to seven peaks. I parked in the the loading zone and ran to the entrance and said I need to find someone and that it was an emergency. The worker said I needed a ticket. Really frustrated, I ran into the office and cut everyone in line and started mumbling something about death and sister and ran over.

They said I could go in and find my niece. I ran around the park for a few minutes before realizing that I wouldn't find Hunter this way. I ran back to the office and one of my cousins that worked there walked out of a room and I frantically told him what happened and really needed to find someone. He told me to follow him and we went to the medical station and would page Hunter.
As he was telling the lifeguards what the situation was, they said that it had to be a medical emergency. I was really pissed off now. My cousin cut me off and told them to make the announcement. 1 minute later, I saw Hunter walking towards me and I finally lost it. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I couldn't hold it in any longer.

As she approached me, she had a look of 'why are you crying?' The only words that I could get out were, "Coopers dead."
I'll never forget the look of terror that covered her face.

She ran as fast as she could to get her stuff. We got in the car and I raced towards Hunters house. On the car ride there, I told Hunter everything that Jana had told me. We arrived to Hunters street and had to park there and walk past all the police cars.
A police man tried to stop us and ask why we needed to get past. I grabbed Hunters arm and dragged her down the street. The next police man wouldn't let us past and we had to tell him who we were and he radioed in to see if it was all right. Finally they had someone escort us through but he told us we had to walk. Half way through I grabbed Hunter and ran the rest of the way.

Running up the stairs I noticed a white tarp laying on the driveway. In a split second I thought to myself, 'If I would have been ready 10 minutes earlier, then that tarp would not be there.'
We continued through the door and was greeted with Hunter's parents and Wendy painfully sobbing.

It sounded as if someone had ripped Wendy's arm off and she had no way of numbing the pain.
I let go of Hunter and proceeded to go into another room. I sat down and waited. As soon as I could maintain the crying, I walked out the back door and sat on the porch. I pulled out my cell phone and called my aunt Deanne.

She answered and I told her what happened. She was bawling as I told her that I needed her to try and call my Dad in Romania. My mom was still flying over there and didn't find out for about 10 hours.

After about 2 hours, we finally got a hold of my Dad and I told Wendy and Jana that he was on the phone. I asked if they wanted to talk to him. They both did. The rest of the day continued with a blur. I left to pick up my sister at the airport and ended up having a 'slumber party' with 5 of my sisters.

One day, weeks later, I sat on my bed in a cabin up in North Utah at my family reunion. I was on my iPod and decided to get on facebook. As I was sitting there, I noticed I had received a message in my inbox. I opened it wondering why in the world would Leah be sending me a message. One part stuck in my mind. 

"It's up to you to choose what you do with your life. I'm not going to say that I understand how you feel. Cause I'm not sure if I do. But I know that you have an incredible spirit Chance. I've seen it in you. Show others how amazing you are. You lost someone really close... Don't beat yourself up though.
You and I both know you can make it through.
Prove it."

Although I was still confused why she sent me a message... I learned something that night.

-It might not be my fault.

Because of one person. I can look at life in a whole new perspective.
Thank you.

If you are interested...

The picture was found at: http://cooperkofford.blogspot.com
I believe the family may still be accepting donations.
If you are interested then please contact me and I will let you know how you can donate.