Way to be...

We are all different. And I'm sure we've all heard it before, but we all make mistakes.
I myself, have made mistakes that at the time, and now, I knew where wrong.
In this past year I have changed so much for the better though.
I am now here for others that want, or might be looking for support, help, or guidance.
I'm here to help you.

One topic that I realize everyone, including me needs help with is Fashion.
Often "Fashion" is what the celebrities are wearing. Or the latest, not to mention most expensive clothes line that comes out.
I know that I am my own person. I will not let clothes define me.
Girls get picked on with this topic so much, but boys need to hear too.

I used to be in love with the mini skirts, tank tops, bikinis, short shorts, etc.
Until I realized, why am I wearing these? Why do I like them so much?
I've gone around asking my friends those same questions, the replies I got are...
-It's cute...
-It gets the boys!
-Because it's what my friends are wearing.
-It's the fashion.
-I'm just going with the flow.
-I don't want to be the odd one out.
I understand that fitting in is a huge thing. A friend is someone that you get along with, and can relate to. But it doesn't mean that if your friend is wearing it, you have to.
The way one dresses, reflects their behavior.
I've seen so many teen girls in "unmodest" clothes, and they come across as rude, and all about themselves. What I, and many others I've talked with, see in those girls are people that don't think they can get by with personality, so they show as much skin as possible. To get others attention.
Another thing is pants. When girls choose to wear pants, usually they are skin tight!
That's not so attractive, and in fact, it can cause infection.
We do not seem to respect ourselves as much as we deserve, and need to.
You can wear a quarter sleeve high v-neck shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a smile and you will be more gorgeous than if you had short shorts and a low tube top.
       Be the difference you want to see in the world.
       And be you, not what fashion wants you to be.

Jeans around your ankles? Lets get real!
No boy wears jeans around their ankles to school! But boys do wear their pants as low as right under their butt.
One day during school a guy friend walked up, and turned his back to me asking,
"Hey Leah! How does my butt look in these pants?"
I didn't know what to say other than "Your butt isn't even in your pants!"
The top of his really tight red skinny jeans barley touched his rear end, his shirt skimmed the top of his waste, revealing his fire blasting boxers.
Just pull your pants up. Don't use the excuse "I don't have a belt". I'm sure most girls would be willing to go buy you one!
I went around asking guys why they wore the type of clothes they do, and why they wore them that certain way (like the pants really low), the responses I got where...
-uhh... I don't really know.
-I don't know.
-It started with my friends, then I realized how cool it was.
-Because I wanted to be with a group of friends, and this is what they wear.
-I don't know... I guess a lot of actors wear it like that, so I wanted to.
-I don't have a good reason hahah.
Wow? Can you believe that? Both boys and girls choose to buy $60 pants that don't even go over their bottom. And $80 tops that hardly covers their chest.
Boys, you can wear your jeans around your hips. We girls will love you even more.
We don't need to be seeing what your boxers look like.
Also, with Jerseys and tight shirts. I love going to basketball games.
Basketball players do wear jerseys, that's because they are playing a sport.
Just because Michael Jordan is wearing a jersey does not mean you need to.
If you do choose to though, wear a shirt underneath.
Armpit hair is "manly", but girls always say "ew" to it. Believe me, I'd know, I've heard it plenty of times. Just wear a shirt underneath and save yourself the embarasment, and save your social life. Deal?